Friday, March 8, 2013


1st try at the Game Remake (Unity 3D)

I gave it a try using Unity 3D, It turned out quite decent! I will post a few screenshots too! But i dropped the idea of Creating Final Fantasy 8 using Unity, because of its current limitations.
Looking at the power of CryEngine 3, i have decided to build the game in Cry Engine! The Graphics will be amazing, The gameplay will be totally different!! Or we may even put a choice for type of gameplay(Classic as opposed to New). Once my P.c. gets a new hard drive in it, will i be able to start in this project.
Now To the main part....CryEngine 3!!!

In the meanwhile have a look at the new Cry Engine 3
Currently looking for 3D modellers who will work for free, as this game is totally non profit, and can obviously not be sold due to copy right issues. Its mainly on educational and recreational basis.

People interested please contact using the "Contact Us" tab


  1. Wow great idea. I'm looking forward to see it.
    I'm a big fan of FFVIII.

  2. Are you planning to use the original soundtrack or remixed musics/sounds?